• Beth Jones

5 Skate Punk Bands you Need to Know About

This sub-genre is much loved by the Tony Hawks Pro Skater playing generation. It reminds us of fighting over the playstation with our siblings, making Jackass-esque home videos in our neighbourhoods and hanging out in the skatepark. Oh simpler times! Yet Skate Punk didn't die, and there are some amazing grassroots Skate punk bands out there just waiting for you to give them a chance!

Next Year

Here is a band that know how to make you move, their driven beats, pop punk guitar tones, and with the hint of sadness in the vocals really give us life. Think Lagwagon meets Gnarwolves and you've got it. Their live performance at Smash Fest blew us away and we can't get enough of them.


These North Walian rascals are so interesting, with growly vocals that change the tone you'd expect from a Skate Punk vibing band. Bogans are absolutely changing the game with a whole new outlook on the genre.

Swan Prince

Queens of Skate Punk represent! Swan Prince are one of our faves right now and they're kicking ass. Hell Hath No Fury Records bagged this awesome band, and we can definitely see why. We need more Womxn in Skate Punk, so we were really pleased to discover this band!

Not Since The Accident

Another Welsh band, Not Since the Accident are by no means new on the scene, but they're absolutely amazing. We love the mulitple vocals combined with old-school Offspring guitars, this is not only activating our sense of nostalgia, but theres still something very fresh about it.


Finally, we have Slackrr. Want Skate punk but with pop punk feel-good vibes? Here ya go, here's Slackrr... You're welcome! These wonderful humans have been ones to watch for a little while now and we're absolutely rooting for them!

Want more? Here's a playlist we've put together.

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