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Bombs For Breakfast - The Anatomy Of Bad Luck

On March 13th Birmingham punk trio Bombs For Breakfast released their second EP "Anatomy Of Bad Luck".

Their debut EP, "Fire and Fury" was a fun, fast paced piece, full of traditional punk rebellion and political commentary. It is definitely a hard release to create a satisfying follow up for, but the boys in BFB have gone above and beyond to push their sound further than ever before.

"Anatomy Of Bad Luck" starts off with "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" which lulls us in with a reflective riff and slow build up in the first minute before a heavy warm guitar tone greets us and sets the mood for the whole experience, with a wonderfully dirty solo thrown in for good measure.

This nicely transitions into "Old F(r)iend" the energy packed lead single from the EP and is then followed by the third track "Hold Fast" which has a slower, impactful souring feel to it, with open let ring guitars over punchy bass parts and distinctive intricate snare work, all tied with a nautical metaphor for perseverance and Matt Orton's whail of "Don't let me go!".

The EP caps off with "Stepford Lives (A Suburban Anthem)" which is musically superb although lyrically feels a little stayed in the genre with it's hook being "Teenage wasteland, we'll smash the borders of this one horse dead end town" - a phrase that would easily fit in the back catalog of every pop punk band of the last 20 years.

This EP ticks all of my approval boxes when it comes to modern punk - it doesn't hide behind the bells and whistles of production or force digital effects into every nook and cranny, nor does it try to cling onto the past for dear life with tired chord progressions and riffs that we've all heard time and time again. this EP is an example of the nuts and bolts of good punk - one guitar punching you in the face, a hard working bass pushing you through, and aggressive but technical drum work weaving between and bringing us home. Check this out, you will not regret it!


Stand Out Track - Hold Fast


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