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INTERVIEW: Havelocke

You may have read our review of Havelocke's new single 'Drowning' (out now on Just Exist Records), for those who have not, we're definitely fans! After their performance at Smash Fest this year, we're keen to see more of them.

The Sheffield based quartet serve us 00's emo on a silver platter, its moreish, and feels both reminiscent and fresh - a double threat. Being in Wales, we also really enjoy the Funeral for a Friend vibes that come through.

We sent some questions over to get to know them a bit better, and here is vocalist/guitarist Owen's answers.

Lets Dive in...

Havelocke Interview. Hi guys! How are you coping with Lockdown?

Owen: Hey! I think we’re all managing quite well, I think even when in quarantine the band will keep us busy and keep our minds active, so that really helps.

Has it been difficult to promote your upcoming single under these circumstances?

Owen: It’s been strange, on the one hand, everyone is at home and using social media more. On the other hand, EVERYONE is on social media so things can get lost within the flood. We would normally have a run of shows booked to promote the single too which we obviously can no longer go ahead with, which is a real bummer.

Can you tell us a little bit about the themes behind ‘Drowning’?

Owen: Drowning is really about my own experience. I often struggle to let out my emotions and sometimes feel like I’m suffocating within them, the idea of talking about them can be daunting. It can however really help if someone at least acts like they care.

What is your creative process when it comes to turning ideas into fully fledged songs?

Owen: This is something that changes a bit with every release. Usually myself or Hope will come into the practice room with a new riff and we all sort of jam it out. My lyrics don’t come until very late in the process and it takes hours of me making dumb noises over the music before something sounds like words.

We really enjoyed your set at Smash Fest. How did you find Cardiff?

Owen: We really enjoyed playing, it was such a great day! We absolutely love Cardiff, it’s such a beautiful city and everybody is always so friendly with us.

Do any of you suffer with any performance anxiety?

Owen: I kind of feel like the only time I don’t have anxiety is when I’m performing, it’s more of a release from that feeling for me.

What was your favourite show that you’ve played as a band so far?

Owen: It has to be supporting Hawthorne Heights at The Leadmill in Sheffield. It was so cool to play with some real legends of the genre and to see them play the silence in black and white album in full was great.

Finally, whats your favourite biscuits?

Owen: It’s got to be bourbon creams (though I’ve just seen some new Biscoff biscuits with Biscoff cream in the middle that might change my mind).

Drowning is out now on Just Exist Records!

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