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INTERVIEW: Sexy Pretty Things

Sexy Pretty Things are the Isle of Wight band that have really shaken things up in our world over the past year. We'd tell you what they sound like, but that's difficult to explain. There are so many styles here that it's hard to reference. But Let's call them Alternative rock, with flavours of punk, metal, and emo just for good measure.

They had a great 2019, releasing an album, welcoming guitarist Ewan on board, and embarking on a tour. We're excited to see them in the studio again for 2020, fresh off the back of a great Smash Fest Performance.

We've spoken to the guys to shoot the shit and find out what they've been up to. Hit play on that Spotify player and lets dive in...

This is the second time we’ve given you the Loud Mouse/Smash Mouse interview treatment. We’re going to ask you some sensible questions this time, is that okay?

Jack: We can try! Thanks for having us again. You’re too good to us!

Sweet! So what was the thought process that led to the name of the band?

Jack: We had two names in our mind; SPT or Moose Knuckle. We decided with SPT for probably obvious reasons, but kept Moose Knuckle as the name for our debut EP. As for the thought process, I just looked at the rest of the guys. Big shout out to Carl - OG lead guitarist - you sexy bastard!

We’re big fans of ‘Syrup’ off your album 'Standing Ovulation', it gives us relatable themes of feeling stuck in the same town, and we enjoyed the video you guys shot for this one, how long did it take to get the syrup out of your hair?

Jack: Hey thanks! That is definitely one of the singalong songs. Well I got hosed down outside first, which did fuck all. Took a long time under a hot shower to get it all out. Thought I might have to shave my head for a minute. Would not recommend!

How does it feel that Brian Sella and Hobo Johnson knows who you are? How did those meetings come about?

Jack: Both of those guys are so lovely! Don’t get me started on how it felt or I’ll take up the whole of this zine with a heartfelt ego trip! The Front Bottoms came about after Jacob and I drunkenly threw CDs of our first EP on stage. They ended up listening to it and added one of the songs to their tour playlist. I met them a few years later and we exchanged some love. Waiting for them to come back so we can do it all over again.

When we found Hobo Johnson he was sleeping in a bin so we bought him a pot noodle, and that’s where all of his kind words came from.

Can you tell us a little bit about your song writing process?

Jacob: Jack writes the majority of our music and lyrics and the three of us add parts here and there or make arrangement suggestions/amendments... but SPT’s overall sound is characterised by all four of us and each of our totally different musical backgrounds. We naturally put our own unique twists on the songs and breathe a different kind of energy into Jack’s music.

Jack: That’s a fancy way of saying I’m dad.

You’ve been on the road a lot over the last year or so, do you have any coping strategies for being in each others company for so much time?

Jacob: Weed, booze or any intoxicant really…

Jack: I love the guys, and to be honest I’m just disappointed when they don’t want to cuddle at night.

Phil: I love being on the road with some of my closest friends! If me and jacob aren't driving the other two insane with our weird as fuck, meta-obscure dark humour, we're usually just chillin or doing something crazy! I love my space though and i think the guys know when we're all starting to get under each others skins... always fun to poke a little for a laugh!

Ewan: Let. Things. Go

Easy! How is Ewan settling into SPT life?

Ewan: So far, at least for me, it’s been pretty seamless. I’ve always been around the band as we went to uni together and my previous band used to play shows with them on occasion. A good story is the time I took them out after their first show off of the Isle Of Wight and got them all pretty drunk. We ended up in a gay bar at 5am. Nothing has ever had to be forced at all.

Jack: He jumped straight on tour with us after just one rehearsal and aced it. Not only that but we all get on really well so it’s beautiful.

Thats awesome! We've caught your live shows a few times now, and something that strikes us is your tastes in gear. You guys seem to know what you like! So, are there any bits of gear you could not live without?

Ewan: Although I’m a huge gear nerd and own way too many pedals, at the end of the day, the piece of gear I couldn’t live without is my guitar. I have a Chapman ML3 Modern from 2015 and it’s my favourite guitar I’ve ever played, it’s just perfect for me.

Jack: I will basically play with anything, I’m not too fussy at all. I’ve grown an unhealthy connection with my telecaster though, we’ve been through a lot. I also have way too much fun with the Digitech whammy.

Jacob: I couldn’t live without my Diamond Bass Compessor, Darkglass B3K, Xotic Bass RC Booster and my Fender USA P-Bass! These components make up most of my sound..

Phil: Im the worst when it comes to gear. Broken cymbals, forgot my snare/stool.. no sticks?!?! you name it.. when it comes to gear, if it sounds good, I'll play it till it breaks, even if it’s yours!

Jack: He’s not fucking lying! Must be a drummer thing. Phil forgot a drum clamp when we hit the road last summer. We were supplying backline for every show...

Can you tell us anything about the music you’ve been recording?

Jack: It’s better? It’s improving a lot sonically. Getting pretty weird on a couple of songs, but there’s still a couple of sad boi tracks.

Ewan: Well the overall sound is going to be quite different, but the SPT vibe and style everyone loves is definitely still there and I’m super excited for everyone to hear it!

Jacob: Our next wave of songs are heavier, more sophisticated arrangement wise and defines us better than anything we’ve ever written before! We're gonna make a statement and the new songs will illustrate the new and evolved SPT sound!

We can't wait to hear it! Whats on the cards for SPT moving forwards into the rest of 2020?

Jack: It was supposed to be a hell of a lot but the world’s gone a bit crazy. So who knows anymore? Probably just jerking each other off at this point.

Ewan: Well the plan was to release the E.P and gig as much as possible, just the current state of the world with the corona virus may have other plans for us.

Jack: One thing is for sure, we’ll have new music when all of this has blown over!

And finally, whats your favourite pastry?

Obviously it’s Pasty from BoxCat!

Give the SPT guys some love here:

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