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Review: Blank Cassettes - Terraformed Happiness

'Terraformed Happiness,' is evocative of the sort of early 2010's indie you'd expect to find on soundtracks of 'quirky,' films of that era, and that's not meant in any way to be a criticism, as it has a lot of the best aspects of it; the recording is lo-fi without being obnoxious about it, and the vocals have a lush, ethereal floaty quality to them. The whole album could best be described as a long, satisfied "aaaaaaaaaah,"

Lead single "The City At Night," embodies this philosophy quite well, but the real stand out moment is 'In Space |i Interstellar Ark,' whose ambient, introductory, swirling synths lead into a super satisfying bassline.

This album will satisfy a lot of impulses, like nostalgia, but it will mostly satisfy your urge to relax. It's the aural equivalent of sinking into a bathtub at the perfect temperature.

Rating: 🧀🧀🧀🧀 4.5

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