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REVIEW | "Galaxy" by LightHammer

One day, we're going to be intergalactic travelers playing tennis with big ol' blue aliens. That's probably just a fact, but right now in 2020 we're a little way off, so in the mean time we've got LightHammer taking us on that journey through their new album "Galaxy".

LightHammer have a heck of a gimmick, in their own words -

"From the Perseus arm of the Milky Way Galaxy via Cardiff, LightHammer! are a three man Space Exploration Corps that write songs to spread Strength, Courage, Hope and Riffs heavier than an elephant's nutsack. We will explore space with our positive, ethereal, spacey, post-sludge din. We Are LightHammer! And we come to you now at the turn of the tide!"

Most local bands are trying to conquer the toilet circuit, while LightHammer are apparently trying to conquer space. It's quite a bold approach to rock!

"Galaxy" out on Bandcamp from July 8th, is their first full album length cosmic offering. The concept of the band and the album itself is immediately evident when you're hit with NASA style speak from the introduction track, a long building intro that leads to a vocal eruption half way through. the song itself acts as a gradual warmth for the meatier, fun and fast second track "Galaxy Rise" which encompasses a lot of this records strengths with it's catchy vocals and happy grungy feel.

My personal favorite is track 3, "Shoulder of Orion". a slower, more open track with a huge belting chorus. Jules, the lead singer, really gets to show off his abilities here with his rich vocals sitting on top of a wonderful bass lead track, really demonstrating the depths this band can achieve.

The later tracks bring more and more 90's rock energy with thick rhythm tones, songs like "May Lanterns Bright and Blue In Hue" in particular vibe in such a way that you wouldn't be shocked to find it on one of your old cassette tapes buried in your parents attic.

Overall "Galaxy" is a strong album that delivers the bands concept well and has a cohesive sound throughout, although I would be dishonest if I didn't admit there were some flaws. The guitar tone in places is quite muddy, meaning certain heavier guitar parts sound lost in the mix, and there's a few timing issues peppered throughout (although not enough to ruin the experience). I would also expect, considering the spacey theme, a bit more creative use of effects or external sounds to help elevate some of these numbers to their loftier message, there are uses of vocal effects and background synths but I think more subtle effects throughout could lift it another level - but these are mostly nitpicks. This record both took me through space and back in time! how cool and original is that?!

"Galaxy" will be available from all streaming platforms soon, but officially releases first on July 8th on their bandcamp - https://lighthammer.bandcamp.com/


Stand Out Tracks - "Shoulder of Orion" and "Adventure Time!"

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