• Beth Jones

Review: Havelocke - Drowning

Havelocke are a really exciting band, having released a few singles and an E.P, 'Drowning' is their newest single to join their rich Alt-Emo-Rock discography.

I'm always reluctant to throw out names of other bands in reviews, but Havelocke are serving a kind of freshened-up Funeral For A Friend vibe with 'Drowning'. It does provide you a sense of nostalgia for the Alt Rock of the 00's, but the difference here is that this is not repetition of those bands, This is new and only hints to those bands in short moments through out the track. This one is quite a slow track, but it has a narrative, which guides us through through sections of quiet, heavy, and epic. This is a real credit to the band's songwriting abilities.

'Drowning' is emo drama at is best. Weaving through twists and turns during its 3:40 timeframe. We're not disappointed, but we didn't expect to be.

score: 🧀🧀🧀🧀.5

Release: 7th April 2020

Pre-save: https://smarturl.it/havelockedrowning

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