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REVIEW - "Lies To Tell Your Children" by Stay Voiceless

Hot on the heels of well received singles "Where's Our Revolution Summer?" and "I Am A Weight" comes "Lies To Tell Your Children", the debut album from Stay Voiceless.

This is in no way one of those cases where the singles define the album. A combination of pop sensibilities, grungey guitars and blistering social commentary throughout make this one of the must listen albums of the summer.

Building things from the start with superb opener "They Don't Build Prisons Like They Used To" and passing through standout tracks like the outstanding "Comfortable" and "Postmadonna" as well as the aforementioned singles along the way, the band really have crafted something that should bring a lot more attention in a very short space of time, and deservedly so.

When we're all finally allowed to watch live music again, I strongly advise you watch Stay Voiceless at the smallest venue you can, as once this album is in the public domain they'll be playing places a lot bigger.


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