• Beth Jones

REVIEW: Sydney fate - Silicone Nitride

Here is a hardworking band that have really gone from strength to strength over the last year. This debut album from Sydney Fate frames a magical moment of the melodic side of metal - which is much more easily digestible for me personally. It tickles a soft spot for the more thoughtful side of metal, chiming in with flavours of emo from time to time.

Tacenda, Sound Alive and Oceans are the singles from Silicone Nitride, all three talk of heartbreak, mental health difficulties, and really pull us into the relatable world of Sydney Fate instantly. However, Falling Forwards comes out as a strong track in giving us a full overview of what this band are capable of. The songwriting on this album is really well done, and thoughtful. The album flows from one track to the next really well and makes for a great album to play from start to finish, which would make it great for a vinyl release.

Overall, The production is the only part of this album that I can pick at, I would have liked to have a much thicker wall of guitars, it would have given the album more pizazz, I really think they would have benefitted from it. The vocals are very well produced, however, and really demonstrate both Bailey's and Adam's skills. Having two vocalists doesn't always pull off very well, but its extremely well done here.

This band is primed for the mainstream, and whilst this is usually said negatively about metal bands, I strongly disagree. Here is a band that know how to market themselves, they know exactly how to create a world around what they're doing which draws people in, and that is super important to a bands success. Hats off to Sydney Fate, they've smashed their debut album, and have painted a picture of a band that can achieve great things moving forwards. I hope to hear more ambitious production, on their next release which I have no doubt that we'll see.

Rating: 🧀🧀🧀🧀

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