• Kay Morgan

REVIEW | "Zelda" by The Sewer Cats

The Sewer Cats, a fuzzy punk duo hailing from Manchester released "Zelda" a seven track EP of pure energy and defiance.

"Zelda" is a collection of gritty and short tracks (none clocking over 3 minutes) and really demonstrates just how far you can go with drums, guitar, and self reliance.

Each track is chalked full of fuzz aggression and an attitude of "just fucking try me" which is only amplified by the lead vocalist screeching some fantastic high notes throughout the course of the EP.

You can really feel the feminist ethos pulsing through this release with each patriarchy nose punching chorus.

Despite the aggression displayed there are actually some wonderfully catchy moments, interesting guitar work, and clever little lyrics here and there.

Overall it's a great ride and a good one to add to your 'Riot Grrrl' collection. Stream it today!


Stand Out Track - Create & Rebel


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