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Things musicians can learn from Ru Paul's Drag Race

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

You've probably seen RuPauls drag race on Netflix, if you haven't, we'd take a bet that you know what it is. Drag is an underrated art form, which is a huge part of LGBTQI+ culture, and has been brought to the forefront of popular culture in recent years largely thanks to RuPaul's show.

In each series, a group of drag queens battle it out through challenges which test their abilities to really sell themselves as a well rounded professional drag queen.

There is a lot to be learned from Drag from a grassroots music standpoint as not only are many Drag Queens responsible for every aspect of their careers, they're also very good at branding themselves.

Here's some observations and bits of advice from a punk musician who is tired of bored looking musicians on stage.

1. Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.

Remember that being a performer comes down to these things; being charismatic, standing out from others, having the balls to stand up there and do your thing no matter what people may think, and practice, practice, practice.

2. You betta werk

If you're not breaking a sweat on stage, and you're not giving it everything you've got, regardless of how many people are in front of you, perhaps you should be. You may perform for yourself, but if you want people to fall in love with you, show them who you are, or who your stage persona is. Give it beans!

3. Feel your fantasy

It can be difficult to really let loose for most people, especially when there are people watching. But live it, you're on stage, doing something that you love, so get wrapped up in the moment. Have fun with it. If you're having a great time, your audience will have a great time and enjoy your set too.

4. Don't be afraid to be ugly

This is something we see a lot in Drag Race. There's always that one competitor who is absolutely flawless in their execution of everything that they put their mind to. But that's not human, and its not accessible or relatable to the audience. Dare to be outrageously ugly and imperfect once in a while, and you will feel that urge to be perfect slip away. It may even help you with your writing.

5. let us fall in love with you

This one ties into the one above. Be relatable, be silly, and goofy, be a character. Your audience will really respond to a carefully curated persona, even if it's just regular you. Let your personality shine through into your performance, and they will absolutely love you as you are.

Hopefully these are helpful things that will perhaps give any musicians reading this some food for thought about the way that they present themselves on stage for when the corona curse lifts and we're able to smash out some tunes in our beloved venues once again.

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